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10 lot subdivision in Gladstone
          9 lot subdivision in Pleasant Valley
4 lot subdivision in Milwaukie
5 lot subdivision in Milwaukie

TASSO Custom Homes is the expansive vision of a Builder/Contractor's passionate drive for excellence in design, construction, management and client satisfaction.  The design/build process begins with keen  listening  to a client's needs,  tastes  and expectations.  Designers, engineers and craftsmans collaborate to create unique homes in a style that expresses the personality and lifestyle of those who will dwell in them.

TASSO Custom Homes uses the most innovative construction techniques, design trends and sustain- able building materials to build homes that not only delight the client but respect the environment as well. Tour our website, explore your options, and be sure to request more information about our timely performance, outstanding quality, excellent value and Home Buyers' Warranty.

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